How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Samsung S9/S9+

How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Samsung S9/S9+

New postby Kuammyour » Mon May 07, 2018 5:11 am

The release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 may be earlier than its predecessor, and the rumors about it are getting more and more prosperous. The latest report says the flagship phone is similar to Galaxy Note 9, and will also be equipped with a dual lens camera. Another rumor is that this phone will be expected to carry Xiaolong 845 chip, which means that this phone may become the next top equipment Qualcomm platform Android equipment.

At the same time, Samsung also launched a new generation of mobile processors, this processor will provide power for the new flagship phone, such as next year's Galaxy S9 and Note 9. In addition, the company also introduced a new camera, which is very powerful, will allow a lot of mobile phone manufacturers in the production of mobile phones no longer consider the thickness of the camera, so as to produce a thinner phone.

In any case, Samsung Galaxy S9 certainly will bring users more surprises. So, more and more old Windows phone users will pay for this new Galaxy, just like you. Therefore, you must be interested in how to transfer data from Windows phone to Samsung S9/S9+, right?

As matter of fact, nothing but just need a Mobile Transfer, which can transfer Content like videos, music, photos, calendars, call logs, contacts, app and more between major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Nokia and Blackberry. So, it's a piece of cake for Mobile Transfer to sync your data from Android to Samsung S9/S9+.

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New postby dghyjh » Tue May 08, 2018 3:30 am

Mobile Transfer would be one of the best choices for you. Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one phone data transfer tool that capable to transfer data from Windows phone to Android devices, iOS devices and any other supported phones.

Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Samsung S9/S9+
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