faults of ultrafine mill in production

faults of ultrafine mill in production

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ultrafine mill in the cosmetics and other industries, there will be some common failures, which is unavoidable, because of the existence of many reasons such as operation, then how should we solve these failures?

The development of the cosmetics industry, the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, and the powders of various nuts used by people on a daily basis have all contributed to the development and development of ultrafine mill. However, no matter what kind of industries are used, there will be some common failures. The article is mainly to introduce what these common faults have and what to do with them.

Point to introduce the ultrafine mill more prone to failure in production \u0026 mdh;\u0026mdh; sudden increase in current, the host has abnormal vibration, after practical analysis found that this failure is mainly due to scraper wear and scraper and low If the clearance between the shells is too small, the abnormal vibration of the host part is caused by the problem of the roller part, so as long as the failure occurs, it is possible to solve the problems from these aspects.

The second point is to introduce the phenomenon of powder leakage during the operation of ultrafine mill. This is mainly caused by the excessive abrasion of the pulverized coal pipe. Therefore, when the phenomenon of powder leakage occurs, it can be checked whether this is a problem. , The phenomenon of powder leakage will result in reduced production and environmental pollution, so the solution to this problem is very important

For the above-mentioned two aspects of the failure, when it happens, the first thing to do is to stop and conduct a careful inspection to find out the specific cause of the failure, and then enter the maintenance, timely maintenance can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the machine This is also a great help for the extension of the life of ultrafine mill.

No matter which industry, no matter what kind of equipment, failures in production are inevitable, but the timely resolution of the failure can reduce the damage to the production, can ensure the smooth progress of production and benefits, the above describes Two kinds of faults that are common in the production of ultrafine mills are given, and the reasons are given, which can reduce the wear of the equipment to a great extent.
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